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SUCCESSES - Merola Sorg has been investing with Bill since his early days in the commercial real estate business and considers him one of the most trustworthy people she’s ever met in her four score and then some years. Merola is a pretty sharp gal, but she still likes the way Bill presents very detailed information to her. He always does so in a fashion that makes it easy to grasp the important details, including always presenting her with a summary and offering comparisons that were real, honest-to-goodness “comps”...MORE SUCCESSES

FINDS - 30,800 sq. ft. Multi-Tenant Light Industrial "Add-Value" Investment Property. The subject property was a run down building that needed MAJOR capital improvements: Roof, paving, storm drains, exterior façade, painting, interior demolition, seismic upgrades, fire system upgrades etc…An investment group was assembled to acquire the subject property and fund the building improvements. The approximate annual pre-tax cash return is 9%. The current estimated market value of the subject property has increased by 20% since acquisition. ...MORE FINDS

REO / ASSET MGMT / COURT APPOINTED RECEIVER - We offer a fully-integrated REO/Asset Management resource for lenders, servicers, individuals and multiple beneficiaries. We can deliver a single service or complete outsourcing solutions for your REO/Asset Management needs. Acquiring title to real property by foreclosure, Deed-in-Lieu, Probate or other action presents serious management, marketing and liability concerns for the owner...MORE REO / ASSET MANAGEMENT

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CCIM - Certified Commerical Investment Member. Bill describes the CCIM requirements as equivalent to a "Master’s Degree" in real estate investment. www.ccim.com